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Creating Your Dream Engagement Ring

Creating Your Dream Engagement Ring

“Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”

Like individual snowflakes, all diamonds are one of a kind.  Each and every diamond is measured by the four C's: color, clarity, cut, and carot. However there's more to a diamond that these unique and individual traits. At Anthony Alexander our diamonds, half carat and larger, carry a GIA diamond report. The Gemological Institute of America is the foremost authority in diamond grading world-wide. 

We pride ourselves by being GIA educated as well as understanding diamonds and matching them to your wants and needs.  Whether you know it or not, there is a ring that is right for you; a ring that can reflect how you feel about each other. Let your dream become a reality.  Here at Anthony Alexander Diamonds, John would love to sit down with you and help create a custom dream engagement ring in Rockford, IL. 

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