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Great customer service and great prices! Can't imagine wanting anything more! Thanks, John!

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Bethany and Chris

John,Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience purchasing our beautiful rings from you for our wedding day!

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Gregory and Dipal

John,Thank you very, very much for my beautiful wedding ring.  This ring is absolutely breathtaking!  I feel like a princess!!  We will always cherish that you were a part of this special time in our lives.  It bring us joy and pride to let people know that Anthony Alexander made my ring special.  Thank you again!!

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Jamie Elizabeth D.

Best place ANYWHERE to buy jewelry.

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Have you ever stumbled upon something great?!? I walked in thinking this was just another jewelry store... IT IS NOT like any other jewelry store. John has an office designed to provide a personalized jewelry making experience. Instead of getting something off of a shelf (that you may later see on someone else's finger), you can completely design a piece that is as unique and special as the person you're giving it to. John and Drew were professional and patient throughout the process. Jo

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Michael and Kelsey

John,  thank you so much for your dedicated time and efford to help us find the PERFECT ring!  We couldn't be happier with how it turned out and how absolutely stunning it is.  It's people like you, who take pride in their work and take care of their customers, that makes saying "Yes!" mean so much more.  Thank you again

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Stephanie, Johnathan, and Olivia

John, Jerry, and Drew (Anthony Alexander Crew),John and I cannot thank you enough for the amazing & hospitable experience you provided us.  I receive a compliment every day on my ring!  Thank you for becoming our friends through this experience.  We look forward to making more memories with your team!

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Chris and I wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you for making the entire process of designing our rings, not only easy and affordable, but informative as well.I can not say enough wonderful things about John Anthony Bondick, and Anthony Alexander Diamonds.Anthony Alexander Diamonds is not only "the NEW way to buy diamonds" It is THE ONLY WAY to buy diamonds! (gemstones, and all jewelry in general!)Guys, if you are thinking of proposing, Call John! You wont be sorry! We will never buy jewel

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