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Jewelry Stores Rockford IL

Jewelry Stores Rockford IL
At Anthony Alexander, every diamond in our jewery is of the finest quality.

We understand that when buying Jewelry in Rockford, IL there are a lot of options. So why choose us over a retail store? We are able to offer half a carat or larger GIA certified diamonds at competitive prices and you can be a part of the diamond purchasing experience just like how it is done by those in the jewelry trade.

With so many Jewelry Stores in Rockford, IL, we stand out as the premier location for your custom jewelry for many reason. All of our stones that go in your jewelry, are handpicked by you. No matter if it is diamonds, emeralds, rubies, or even sapphires you are able to pick the stones so that your piece will be exactly the way you want.

Our philosophy is that an informed customer is empowered to make intelligent decisions when it comes to choosing the best diamonds and gems for your jewelry purchase.

We have a lifetime commitment to our customers, for not only your jewelry purchase but also your satisfaction with Anthony Alexander.

The staff at Anthony Alexander will provide you with endless solutions that will coordinate with your design no matter if it's an engagement, anniversary, special surprise, or a special gift for yourself.