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Anthony Alexander Diamonds specializes in GIA Certified Diamonds

When it comes to understanding the cut of diamonds, you need to know that the term "cut" refers to two different things.  The cut of the diamond describes the shape as well as the reflective qualities of the diamond.  This is one the most important characteristics of the 4 C's because it affects the properties and values of each diamond (and how the diamond looks in the light).

A diamond that is cut good will provide it's brilliance (the brightness) that comes from the heart of every diamond.  The finishes and angles of each cut diamond will determine its ability to handle light and provide you with that brilliance you're looking for.  If a diamond is poorly cut then the light will enter through the table, reach the facet, and leak out the sides (or bottom) rather than having it reflect back to your eyes.  To summaries; the less light that reflects back to your eyes means that there's less brilliance.

The different grade of diamond cuts are:
Choosing which grade of cut you want to buy is a personal choice. Be careful though, the variance in the proportion between ideal cut and poor cut can be difficult to see to the casual observer.  Since the cut is so important, there are several grading methods that have been created to help you choose the cut of a particular diamond.

These grades are:
Remember that good proportions are key when you're looking to purchase a diamond.  At Anthony Alexander Diamonds, all of our diamonds are GIA certified unlike a lot of jewelry stores in Rockford, IL and we take pride in knowing and showing you exactly what you need at the price you deserve.  

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