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Did you know that diamonds graded G through I virtually have no color (at least visible to the untrained eye)

A diamond's "color" is the result of the composition of each diamond.  If you've heard jewelers talk about diamond's color; they're specifically referring to the presence (or absence) color in "white" diamonds.  The color that you see in each diamond is resulted from the composition.  What happens is when a diamond is "colorless" it allows more light to pass through (more than the colored diamonds) and emit more sparkle.  The whiter a diamond's color is, the greater its value.  

Anthony Alexander Diamond's refers to the GIA professional color scale when it comes to grading grading the "whiteness" (or colorlessness) in each diamond.  Starting at D for colorless (the highest rating) and traveling down the alphabet and grading stones that have traces of very faint or light yellowish or brownish color; the scale goes all the way to Z.

Diamonds that get graded D through F have the most value and desire because of their rarity.  Don't let that intimidate you though because diamonds that graded G through I show virtually no color visibility to an untrained eye and J through M have just a hint of yellow to them.  If you're wanting a white gold or platinum setting then you may want to opt for a higher color grade then a setting that is yellow gold.  

Since Anthony Alexander Diamonds specializes in GIA certified diamonds; know that you'll be in good hands and that any grade you choose will be a one of a kind!